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Mission Statement


 Shepherd Ministries' mission is to teach and preach God's Word, and is dedicated to sharing God's Word the world over as this is a Christian teaching ministry. Shepherd Ministries was founded on God's Word; we will stand firm on God's Word, and will proclaim the truth of His Word.  

Our Faith Walk



Shepherd Ministries publishes a weekly discussion twice a week which can be accessed from our blog site. Uplifting Insights-http://willie-writing.blogspot.com

Vision Statement


 Our vision is to advance the kingdom of God through teaching, preaching, and serving the community in which we reside by meeting the needs of those we encounter. 

About Us


Who We Are

Shepherd Ministries is a Non-Profit Community based Christian teaching ministry founded by Dr. Willie White. Shepherd Ministries is the teaching arm of Good Shepherd Writing and Publishing LLC. 

Guided by the Holy Spirit, Dr. White formed Shepherd Ministries with the goal of reaching lost souls the world over in obedience to the Great Commission recorded in Matthew 28:19-20 beginning in our Jerusalem, proceeding onto Judea, Samaria, and continuing until every man, woman and child have been taught Christ.


What We Believe

 We share in the belief of the Triune God that is comprised of God the Father, God the Son Jesus Christ and God the Holy Spirit/Ghost We also believe in baptism by immersion as a symbolism of what have already occurred between the believer and God.   We also share in the Baptists believe that is outlined in the eighteen Articles of Faith.

Articles of Faith


  Shepherd Ministries thank you for your tax deductible donations in love, thanksgiving and spreading the news of our mission through word-of-mouth. Your assistance is greatly appreciated in helping us reach our goal. Thank you. 

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